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The Complete Genealogy Reporter welcomes all Family Tree Builder users.

"I'm so glad I upgraded to the paid version.  The reports it creates are unbelievable."  F.E. (USA)

We invite you to consider upgrading to the commercial full version of The Complete Genealogy Reporter, which contains many features and options which are not available in the version distributed as the "Book Reporter" with Family Tree Builder.

Note: The user interface of The Complete Genealogy Reporter is available only in English (US/UK), French, German, and Catalan. 
Irrespective of the selected user interface language, the languages for which reports may be created are: English (US/UK), Catalan, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (European/Brazilian), Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish.

When you have upgraded to the registered version, the full Wizard-style interface of The Complete Genealogy Reporter will appear automatically when you produce a Book Report within Family Tree Builder.  This will permit you to customize your book report using the full range of options and features that are available within the full version.


Should you choose to download The Complete Genealogy Reporter for separate evaluation without purchasing a registration, please note the following important restrictions.  (These will not apply when you have purchased a registration and have entered it into the program.)
  • The "Book Report" within Family Tree Builder will operate as previously.
  • You will need to run The Complete Genealogy Reporter separately to use the Wizard-style interface with all capabilities and options.
  • Reports produced by The Complete Genealogy Reporter will contain a "Sample" watermark on each page.

After you have purchased your registration, you must run The Complete Genealogy Reporter once in order to enter your registration information into the program (via the "Register" menu).  It is recommended that you first download and install the latest release.  After you have entered your registration information, The Complete Genealogy Reporter will appear automatically when you initiate a Book Report within Family Tree Builder.

Note: The Complete Genealogy Reporter requires Microsoft Windows.  It will not work with other platforms (e.g., Macs).
The user interface of The Complete Genealogy Reporter is available only in English, French, German and Catalan. 

To explore our web site, please click on the links in the menu banner at the top of this page.  A quick comparison table of some of the key feature differences is shown below.
Report Sections Book Reporter Full Version
   Introduction Section (Fully customizable) No Yes
   Parents' Ancestry Charts Yes Yes
   Descendant Chart Yes Yes
   Direct Relations Yes Yes
   ... restricted by relationship distance No Yes
   Indirect Relations Yes Yes
   ...selectable by branch No Yes
   Unconnected Individuals No Yes
   Family Tree Charts - Direct Line Only Yes Yes
   Family Tree Charts - All Families No Yes
   Notes Section Yes Yes
   Sources Section Yes Yes
   Thumbnail pictures in Narrative Yes Yes
   Full Media Sections 7 No Yes
   Name Derivations 3 No Yes
   Index of Occupations 4 No Yes
   Index of Places 4 Yes Yes
   Index of Dates 4 Yes Yes
   Index of Anniversaries No Yes
   Causes of Death Section No Yes
   Relationship Paths Section No Yes
   Index of Individuals Yes Yes
   Custom Sections 6 No Yes

Report Formatting
   Selectable Language 5 No Yes
   Selectable Font Type (Times, Arial) and Font Size No Yes
   Page Headers and Numbering Yes Yes
   Margin Adjustments No Yes
   Ascending or Descending Order No Yes
   Earlier/Later Generations Only No Yes
   Relocation of Notes and Sources 1 No Yes
   Formatting of tabs in Notes No Yes
   Specification of Date Format (1 Mar 1900/Mar 1, 1900) No Yes
   Non-Gregorian Date Conversion No Yes
   Blue/Pink tinting of Tree Chart boxes No Yes
   Book Formatting 2 No Yes
   PDF Output Yes Yes
   ...full international character set No Yes
   ...hyperlinked option No Yes
   ...embedded fonts option No Yes
   ...compression option No Yes
   Printer Output No Yes
   Draft Text File Reports No Yes
   Web Folder Reports No Yes

GedPad Pro
   Includes GedPad Pro view/edit/analysis program No Yes

1 Sources and Notes may be reported within the narrative or as separate sections.  Alternatively each type (notes and sources) may be distributed with shorter texts within the narrative and longer texts within the separate section.

2 Book formatting options include alternating inner and outer binding margins, separate left/right page headings, and sections starting on odd page numbers.

The Name Derivations section permits user-specification of descriptions for last names included within the report.

With the option to include descriptions to enrich reports.  These may include: definitions of obscure occupations, descriptions of places, and notable historical events.

5 Currently: Catalan, English (US/UK), Danish, Dutch, Finnish (beta), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (European/Brazilian), Spanish, and Swedish.

6 Custom Sections provide the ability to include user-defined sections of texts and images within the report; for example a custom-specified Preface or Appendix section.

7 Family Tree
Builder incorporates extremely powerful image manipulation and management capabilities and The Complete Genealogy Reporter reflects these capabilities in the Media section as follows: 
  - All images (the original images and the marked faces therein) are exported from Family Tree Builder and will be processed by The Complete Genealogy Reporter.  
  - Some of the marked faces will be essentially equivalent to the corresponding original image (with the edges cropped), and others will be extracted cutouts from a larger composite image.  The Complete Genealogy Reporter examines the size and position of each marked face within the corresponding original image and determines whether it appears to be a cropped image or a extracted image. 
  - By default, the original image from which a marked face is deemed to have been cropped is excluded from the media section. This is because the marked face and the original image are considered to be essentially the same picture. 
  - By default, an extracted marked face is deemed to be significantly different from the original image, and both are included in the media section. This is because the original image may be considered to contain additional graphic information which should be included the Media Section. For example, the original may include other members of a family group, or the surrounding context from which the cutout was extracted.
  - The inclusion or exclusion of the original images may be specified differently from the defaults via a preference option for each category (cropped and extracted).
  - Images that are Documents ("This image is a scanned document") or relate to a Place of Rest ("Virtual Cemetery") are grouped within separate sections from other images.

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