Issue: 90202

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2008.1
(incorporating GedPad)

2 February, 2009




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(Last updated: 8 April 2008)

(This screenshot is of GedPad Pro)

GedPad is freeware.  GedPad Pro is an enhanced version which is included with The Complete Genealogy Reporter.

GedPad is a comprehensive GEDCOM viewer, navigator and line editor which displays the GEDCOM file indented by level for ease of reading. 

GedPad provides rapid navigation via the automatic hyperlinking of record references.  For example, hovering the mouse over a hyperlink will display a tooltip describing the referenced record (e.g., name of HUSB).  Clicking on the hyperlink will locate that reference within the file.  Comprehensive line editing capabilities and Find & Replace functions are included.

GedPad Pro is a companion product to, and is distributed with, The Complete Genealogy Reporter.  In addition to the standard GedPad capabilities, GedPad Pro adds the analytical, bookmarking, and copy/cut/paste functions shown on the right-side of the above screenshot, with associated options.  GedPad Pro is invoked from The Complete Genealogy Reporter via the View/Edit button (when enabled under General options).

GedPad may be installed and used completely independently of The Complete Genealogy Reporter.

Users of The Complete Genealogy Reporter are automatically registered users of GedPad ProGedPad Pro is included in the installation of The Complete Genealogy Reporter and there is no need to download and install GedPad separately.

If you are not a user of The Complete Genealogy Reporter, you may download and install the freeware version of GedPad  by pressing the following button.

(Version 2008, build 80408)

The ability to upgrade to from GedPad to GedPad Pro independently of The Complete Genealogy Reporter is planned to be available in mid-December.

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